Jim Rowlett, Marketing Director for the National Street Rod Association, joins Road Muscle Radio to talk the 37th NSRA Mid-America Street Rod Nationals happening- yes, HAPPENING- October 16-18 in Springfield, Missouri. Thousands of cars over four days of awesome. Plus news about how the Cybertruck is ALIVE…how to make a new GT500 better- by making it old…a car site brags on itself…and a hit-list of the most expensive motorcycles EVER.




Tesla could make the monsters- finally!

Tesla said bye-by to California, and howdy to Austin Texas. Now, we get tasty whispers that Tesla is targeting May 21, 2021 as their substantial completion date, and start building Tesla Cybertrucks!

Yeah- that’s goofy, freaking awesome Tesla trucks could- emphasis on “could”- be hitting the road in late Spring or Summer of next year.

Work has already begun at the site in Austin. The entire construction will cost about $400 million.

The Tesla Cybertruck is expected to be a Class 2b or Class 3 truck. This means that it won’t be subject to processes such as crash testing, adding airbags, pedestrian safety, or range testing.

  • According to the article, recent timelines pinned the range-topping tri-motor Tesla Cybertruck to roll off the assembly line by late 2021, followed by less powerful models in 2022.
  • Tesla will also allocate Model Y production for eastern sales regions in the United States, freeing up space at its original plant in Fremont, California.

Tesla has competition

Gonna be interesting to see what our coppertop vehicles do in the next couple of years.


The modern Shelby GT500 is a powerful monster of a Mustang, no doubt about it.

But don’t discount old Shelby’s. Especially when Classic Recreations spends 2500 hour updating it to the Mustang Shelby GT500CR Carbon Edition.  Hoo baby.

  • Down in Yukon, Oklahoma, Classic Recreations starts with a Classic Mustang from 1965 to 1968.
  • The car is then fitted with an autoclave-cured prepreg carbon fiber body made by Speedkore, which saves 600 pounds over a steel-bodied GT500.
  • It’s also fit with a Whipple supercharged 5.0L Coyote V8. The engine produces 810 horsepower, and comes mated exclusively to a Tremec T56 six-speed manual.

Classic Recreations have also fit upgrades such as a dual adjustable coil-over suspension, tubular subframe connectors, high-performance Wilwood brakes, a roll bar, and a hydraulic steering rack among others.

The company claims the Mustang Shelby GT500CR Carbon Edition is a vehicle with the power to weight ratio on par with most supercars.

All of their recreation Shelbys are certified by the Shelby Worldwide Registry and come with official serial numbers. That includes each of the new 25 carbon-fiber bodied Shelby GT500CR Carbon Edition models.

Pricing is slated to begin at $298,000, with customers able to customize the car to their desires from there. But hey- the purchase also includes a donation to the Carroll Shelby Foundation, so you’re doing a good thing, right?


ClassicCars.com ranked top collector marketplace in the world

Classiccars.com reports that it’s mother company, Collector Car Network, is doing grrrreat.

Classiccars.com is currently ranked as the top online collector car marketplace in the world for traffic and engagement, according to Alexa Rank, an Amazon-owned web traffic reporting tool. ClassicCars.com currently ranks as the 2,954th website in the world among over 1 billion global domains.

Now with their new Autohunter.com car auction site online, we’ll see how much bigger they get.  I checked it out in the first week- no Chrysler New Yorkers, Newports, Plymouth Savoys, or Mercury models with the Breezeway windows. AND NO DAMN CRAGARS. You’re dead to me.


Cycleworld.com came up with a list of 15 of the world’s most expensive motorcycles.  Now note, these are auction bikes, not a Dubai diamond-studded solid gold ego booster.  These are classics- and you may be surprised how much our beloved Harley name does NOT show up.  It’s weird, really.

Let’s start with their #15 pick- a 1926 Brough Superior SS100 (“bruff superior”).  You can look up videos of a Brough Superior SS100 running.  Jay Leno has a 1930 version himself.

According to the article, this version “the first-generation SS100 is spindly and raw, and despite being incredibly elegant, is an uncompromising machine.”

  • hard-inflated 23-inch beaded-edge tires,
  • cast-iron cylinders up fairly high,
  • 0:1 compression, a big swing on the kickstarter
  • has a chuffy idle with a clockwork sound to it.
  • slim, narrow bike, classic and cool.

So what’s the price tag on the lowest priced bike on the list? In 2012, it hammered at 453,000 dollars.

So let’s zip through #14 & #13- both Brough cycles.

#12 is a 1939 BMW RS255 Rennsport Kompressor.

  • Supercharged
  • Shaft and bevel double-overhead-camshaft motor
  • Grand Prix Racer that wond the 1939 Ilsel of Man TT
  • Restored in the 1980’s from genuine factory race team parts that were stored at the BMW headquarters

Distinctly BMW looking, with a seat flat as a pancake, not meant for a human’s butt.  Hammered in 2013 for 480K.

The list has another Brough, a Henderson, a Brough, and another Brough,

Number 7 – a 1940 Crocker Big Tank. this gorgeous beast has hints of of a 1930’s Harley. This bike came from Australia, but Crocker was an American compnay.  There are only about 64 Corcker’s ever built. This specific one is a second-generation model with larger cast-aluminum fuel tanks, and improvements to the cylinder heads. In 2019 Mecum sold this one off for 550,000 dollars.

Got a 1915 Cyclone- which is basically a bicycle with America’s first OHC v-twin, then another Crocker- and then popping up at number 4- Harley!

A 1907 Harley-Davidson “Strap Tank.”  It’s a single cylinder cycle that looks like your grandpa’s trail bicycle after he bought a welder and a twelve-pack.  This specific Harley was the 94th Harley ever built- period.  As a note- a similar strap-tank motorcycle won the 2018 Cannonball, going across the USA without a hitch.

Mecum sold this Harley- the only one on the list- for 715,000 dollars.  And it was a tie at #4 with another Crocker.

#3 was a Crocker, #2 another Cyclone, and finally, at #1 from the article- a 1951 Vincet Black Lightning.  This is 100% James Dean compatible.  Cafe looking, and this specific one set an Australian speed record in 1953 at 141.5 mph.  Only 31 lightnings were ever built.  998 CC.  Sold by Bonhams in 2018 for- 929,000 dollars.

So that 30 to 60 thousand dollar bike you really, really want? IT’S A STEAL.  Get’r’done.



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Jim Rowlett has the best job in the world.  He gets to talk about super cool events involving lots of horsepower, as the Marketing Director for the National Street Rod Association.  In a month, southern Missouri is gonna rumble- and he’ll tell us why.  Jim, welcome to road muscle radio.

—How many years has the NSRA been doing these monster get-togethers?

—Are entries curated?  (1990 and earlier, any specific exclusions, etc)

—Event duration and location (good place to include that spectators are only allowed Friday & Saturday, not Thursday, and admission cost)

—Tell us about the vehicles- judging categories, special exhibits, etc.

—There’s more going on along with the amazing vehicles- what are the peripheral  activities? How do we keep our beloved kids from driving us nutski?

—Tell us about the NSRA. (membership, organization goals, etc)

—Do YOU have a street rod of your own?  Spill the details.

NSRA website

NSRA 37th Annual Street Rod Nationals 2020 in Springfield, MO

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