In Episode 21 of Road Muscle Radio, Mark “Catfish” Groves and Brett Hatfield discuss the Future Collector Car Best in Show winner…Hagerty out club-hubbing….Barrett Jackson taking on road-tripping…and a quick-list of who can get’r’done in two seconds. Then in Segment 2, Kelly Modlin, owner of the Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum in Augusta, Kansas, shares his vision and journey from dilapidated body shop to super-cool vintage motorcycle museum.



Virtual Future Collector Car Show Best of Show winner is…

Koji Yamaguchi’s 1977 Toyota Celica Liftback takes top honors

The Future Collector Car Show was founded on the mission to drive the next generation of car collectors, by changing how the concours entry system works.

The FCCS accepts nearly all years, makes, models and conditions, including all original and highly modified cars, modern grand tourers, supercars, and other uniquely desirable vehicles.

THIS YEAR, Best of Show goes to-  a right-hand drive 1977 Toyota Celica Liftback owned by Koji Yamaguchi.

Partnering with the Petersen Automotive Museum and the digital Petersen Car Week, the Virtual Future Collector Car Show received dozens of applicants from all over the world. The 45-minute video special, which premiered live on August 13, featured 18 hand-selected future collector cars.

The winning car  is a true JDM legend, having been rescued from a Japanese junkyard in 1989 by Yamaguchi.

“Yamaguchi built it like it was built by someone who owned it in the ‘70s,” said head judge Andy Reid. “This Celica really encompasses what the future of the collector hobby will be.”

Saved from a Japanese junkyard in 1989, Yamaguchi Imported to the United States when he was a young man, the Celica received a complete, ground-up, cosmetic and mechanical restoration over the last 30 years with the goal of keeping it as stock as possible.

The 1,968cc 18RG DOHC inline-4-cylinder engine, 140 horsepower, mated to a correct Toyota P51 5-speed manual transmission.

The black vinyl interior is immaculate and maintains a mostly original look apart from a few aftermarket pieces..

Repainted in its original sandy beige, the car is complimented by Hayashi Racing wheels wrapped with Yokohama S-Drive High Performance Tires.

Check out the info at futurecarcollectorshow.com.



Look out Fuel House, Hagerty can smell what you got cookin’.

Hagerty has announced a partnership with Collectors’ Car Garage to create a national network of “car hubs” to provide collector car storage and to host events, experiences and various educational and social functions.

Hagerty Garage + Social is the name for the network that opens in the Collectors’ Car Garage facilities already operating in Chicago and Bedford Hills, New York, with a third facility scheduled to open in Miami, Florida, in 2021.

“This is another big step forward in our mission to expand and preserve car culture for future generations,” McKeel Hagerty, chief executive of Hagerty, is quoted in the announcement. “We want each Hagerty Garage + Social location to become the center of the local car community, along with offering outstanding services for clients.”

“Our goal is to make the ownership experience easy so our members can get the most enjoyment out of their cars and take advantage of events with other members.”

Imagine going to a car show whenever you wanted, right there at your clubhouse.  The Fuel House in Bonner Springs already has this going on, with a repurposed space that is the awesome.  Let’s see if Hagerty can bring it up to the level of cool that Fuel House set.



Another big name in the car world jumping on the experiential bandwagon.

Barrett-Jackson is launching exclusive Collector Car Road Tours with a 2020 event that begins October 7 at Summit Racing in McDonough, Georgia, and ends on October 13 in Key West, Florida.

Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Road Tours will include weeklong and weekend tours, open to all types of collectible vehicles.

The exact tour routes and hotel details are revealed when participants check in, but each will offer drivers the chance to enjoy their collector cars while exploring some of the most beautiful parts of the country.

The Barrett-Jackson-led tours will combine scenic routes and visits to national landmarks and museums with exclusive activities and excursions to automotive-related businesses, as well as fine dining and luxurious hotels. Fees for the exclusive experience will include resort and hotels rooms, as well as some meals and museum fees.

Encompassing more than 1,500 miles through five states, the October Road Tour is limited to just 50 vehicles and will take participants to some of the most picturesque cities along the way: Atlanta, Greensville, Charlotte, Savannah, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Port St. Lucie, West Palm Beach and Key West, the southern-most U.S. landmark.

Although space is rapidly filling up, applications are still being accepted for the October Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Road Tour. To request an application and to stay up-to-date with information on future tours, visit BarrettJacksonRoadTours.com.




These Cars Can Go From 0 To 60 In Under 2 Seconds

Hotcars.com listed 10 vehicles that go from standstill to 60 mph in 2 seconds or less!

We removed the non-street versions, and the electrics, and culled it down to 5.

—Pininfarina Battista (2 Seconds)

Pininfarina Battista, as the most potent road-legal Italian car, is believed to be an influential pioneer in the hyper-EV cars industry. Its 120 kWh lithium-ion battery pack produces nearly 1,900 bhp and 1,696 lb-ft of torques, and with the extraordinary attributes of e-Motion, the beautiful Pininfarina Battista has got the F1 car-style acceleration.

It phenomenally takes less than 12 seconds for Battista, to speed up beyond 186 mph. Automobili Pininfarina has planned to produce 150 examples that each cost around $2m.

—Lingenfelter Twin Turbo Corvette C5 (1.96 Seconds)

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering company, which is based in Decatur, Indiana, is a hugely famous tuner house that has modified American cars to reach high levels of speed for over 46 years. The C5 Corvette is one of them.

Lingenfelter developed the C5 Corvette with twin turbochargers on top of an aluminum crate V8 engine from Chevrolet. This C5 with utilizing turbochargers produces 1,100 hp. A strengthened gearbox and a considerable bulge on the hood for the great intake system are also included. All these are the reasons why the Corvette C5 gained the mentioned record.

—Ford Mustang SVT Boss 10-Liter (1.90 Seconds)

When producing a car capable of reaching 60 mph in less than 2 seconds was unbelievable, Ford built the one and only Mustang SVT Boss back in the ’90s. This amazing 10-liter Mustang was exclusively manufactured to be a drag racing car.

The combination of the 1990s technologies and a slightly ambiguous 1960s engine proved to be a challenge in the production of this car. The Mustang SVT Boss’s roaring engine produces 855 hp as well as a considerable amount of joy in a drag race.

—Porsche 911 Turbo S (1.87 Seconds)

The 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S was introduced as the most powerful member of the 992 family. The reason for calling it compelling is the 640-horsepower with its straight-line speed; a feature that differentiates the Turbo S from the lesser Carrera and Carrera S.

Porsche has noticed all aspects of the 911’s performance in making the Turbo S, as the suspension system is harder and lower, the brakes are thicker, and the tires are larger and stickier. The engineers have also found the best ways to duct the air in Turbo S, with adjustable aerodynamics and options for reducing the weight.

—AMS Alpha Omega GT-R (1.53 Seconds)

Alpha Performance has made a car named the Alpha Omega Nissan GT-R. This product has experienced a slight, delicate modification and has recorded a quarter-mile time of 7.48 seconds in Michigan.

The reason for such exotic performance is having a new 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged engine and wide DOT-tires. This engine, which produces 2,000 bhp, enables this car to achieve considerably fast speed while still being a street-legal car in the GT-R frame.


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The Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum was a dream developed by owner Kelly Modlin. Kelly had a vision for a nationally known vintage motorcycle museum located in the center of the United States. Kelly’s dream has come true in Augusta, Kansas, just east of Wichita on US400. Through a lake of sweat equity, a dedicated group of volunteers, and an unending love for classic motorcycles, Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum lives. Over 70 privately curated vintage motorcycles, including a surprising one-of-a-kind, an Indian Six, and more.  Kelly Modlin, welcome to Road Muscle Radio.

  1. What got you started loving vintage bikes?
  2. What made you first start thinking you wanted to start a museum?
  3. Tell us about the old body shop you got- how you discovered it, what you had to do to get it ready.
  4. And now, what we’ve all been waiting for- tell us about the collection! What the heck is a Wood Motorcycle?
  5. How the heck do you keep the museum free?
  6. Why “Twisted Oz”? What’s that come from?
  7. What are some of the activities you do there, when COVID isn’t busy grinding us all to a halt?
  8. What are your plans for the future of the museum?

Admission is always free. The Museum does accept good will donations to fund the project and Kelly hopes to grow the Museum into a destination attraction for history buffs and cycle enthusiasts alike. TWISTED OZ MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM,

Visit twistedoz.com for full info. Kelly, thank you for being here on Road Muscle Radio.

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